Sidewalk Art

January 3rd, 2013

1-3-13I pedal The Kindness Bicycle at just the right speed. My average daily ride is 25 miles, which I can do in 2 hours if I wish but I am out for 12 hours on some days. If you do the math, my average speed is a perfect roll. Mine is the perfect office, a continually changing panorama of the United States. I take in every sight that I can as I ride. From snow capped mountains to ocean views to rolling countryside, it doesn’t get much better than what I see during the course of my day. It is the canvas of nature, an outdoor museum of every masterpiece ever created, which, if the viewer realizes, offers only beauty and love from its creator.
I also love man made art, from the amazing array of architecture, to found art that is there if you aren’t in too big of a hurried pace to find it. The heart I found on a sidewalk as I rode, prompted me to realize the expression of beauty and love, from its creator.

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