Tommie Barfield Elementary School

January 23rd, 2013

1-23-13While riding The Kindness Bicycle in mid December, I stopped at several schools to let them know of my availability in the New Year. Today’s visit to Tommie Barfield Elementary School was because of that due diligence.
Nadine O’Donnell, the School Counselor invited me for a visit to talk with the students, teachers and staff.
Principal, Dr. Jory Westberry joined me for an interview on WTBE, the in-school Morning News Show. Bogart clearly stole the show as he laid down and yawned as I talked. He has heard the story told countless times.
This school is a wonderfully nurturing learning environment for everyone of the students, and it shows. All of the students acted in a polite respectful manner. It’s no wonder when their school wide expectations are Respect, Responsibility and Role Model. This is a school where children have every opportunity to soar.
After the Morning Show, Nadine accompanied me to several classrooms. I talked with these small groups about all the great things they are capable of in their lives. They will undoubtably take on the challenge.
After my visit we were joined by several students and Assistant Principal, Katie Maya for a lesson and photo by The Kindness Bus.
In a wonderful email from Nadine, I was paid the ultimate compliment paraphrased from a sentence, “…bless you for all that you do for children.”
A big thank you to Diane Fowler and Aimee Perez for the financial support of my mission.

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