Kindness to the Environment

February 5th, 2013
Some of the creative ways that groups and individuals are participating in One Million Acts Of Kindness Week will be printed over the next few days.
The following is listed under environment.

Project Description:
The Discover Nature Jr. Naturalist kids will be participating in the Great American Backyard Bird Count that happens nationwide during a portion of that week.  The children have begun making their pine cone bird feeders and also “stained glass” feeders -frozen water with seeds, nuts, suet and nest material.  We will place them in trees at the wildlife sanctuary (ARWS) to help our feathered friends out during this cold winter.  We will report all bird sightings from Feb 15- Feb 18 on the national database to monitor the birds that are in the area.
Through this, the children gain respect for our feathered friends and feel a sense of community.  They recognize that help and kindness come in many forms  and it feels good to do for others.
Thanks for all you do for so many of us,

Bob and Bogart!

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