Spring into Kindness

February 18th, 2013

2-18-13Thirty days separate us from the 2nd annual “Spring into Kindness” day. This day, celebrated on the first day of spring, was the brainchild of dear friend, Hope Chase of Santa Monica, California. On this day, individuals are asked to surprise someone with a joyous act of kindness.
A few thoughts for the day from Hope Chase are below.
Joyously surprising people with acts of kindness…!
*  paying for someone’s groceries
*  giving them a nice, laminated tote bag for their groceries
*  putting quarters in the parking meter!
*  gifting “Spring” bouquets!
*  And gifting  GOOD FORTUNE COOKIES!!!
…..AND more wonderful, unique actions!!!
Today’s weather in Florida seemed like a spring day in the north, with wind and changeable skies.

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