It Always Does Get Better

March 6th, 2013

3-6-13Life is challenging at times, to say the least. Uncertainties abound. Plans change for the better or worse depending on how you view them, it always does get better. Like the song says, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”
It is all good though. Know that there is always an up to your down. And know, it always does get better. Learn from the negativity that may come your way by making good from it. Make good from the bad. Make good from the good. Only make good, no matter what!!
Make good for others. Make good for yourself no matter what. No matter what hand the world may be dealing you, know that it always does get better.
Knowing this, hang on to your life with all your might. Life changes for everyone. This is normal. Know that you aren’t alone. Realize how much you are loved by people who you didn’t realize love you. Find them! Love them back!! They need your love. This is SO important for you to do. So many people are in need of you. Be a hero to them!! Hang in there. Get beyond it. Go beyond it. Be strong. Be very strong. The world needs you. Know that you are loved!!!
Someone needs you in a very big way…someone you have yet to meet…be here for them…let them know that it always does get better.

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