A Very Caring Father

April 3rd, 2013

4-3-13Gary and his daughter Shannon were driving to her school in the morning when they saw The Kindness Bicycle roll up to an intersection they were at. They loved the signs and and beeped and waved, as did many other people in their cars.
This evening, they were shocked to see The Kindness Bus parked in a different neighborhood. I just so happened to roll up on The Kindness Bicycle while they were there.
A beautiful conversation ensued. Shannon and her father took time to read nearly every message. The results had a powerful impact and had great meaning to the two of them. So much good can come to your life if you stop and enjoy the beauty and be a part of the beauty.
Shannon has such a caring heart and is going to make this world a much better place because of it. Gary, her very proud father, is the kind of role model and positive influence every child should have.

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