An Angel Up On Her Luck

April 7th, 2013

photo-28Kay is a beautiful homeless woman I met today in Santa Monica. Everything she owns, is what she is carrying in today’s photo. I met her as she was reading the writings on The Kindness Bus, “looking at all the good stuff,” she said, a big smile filling her cherub-like face. We talked for quite a while as she told me about her life. She has only done good for others her entire life. She has led a clean life, free of drugs and alcohol, but a series of events has put her on the streets. Her downfall she says is that she allows others to take advantage of her and she ended up with no way to support herself. She doesn’t hold any animosity towards other and that is how she stays so happy and up on her luck. It always can be worse she says.
She offered me a bottle of juice as we parted ways, offering me something she needed for herself but offered it up anyway, for me to have during my bicycle ride. I politely declined.
Off she went, happier than most people. Off to freshen up in the public restroom and catch a bus to church on this Sunday morning.

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