San Luis Obispo, California

April 10th, 2013

4-10-13Heading further north up the California coast, the town of San Luis Obispo was a must stop for The Kindness Bus. The old town section was a great place to park for my daytime stay. Riding through town proved to be the place to be on this perfect day. Today’s picture is from Bubblegum Alley, where, you guessed it, people have been sticking their gum on the walls of these two buildings since to 1950s.
I am trying to save my 58 year old knees, by being selective on the hills I ride. My ride to end Bullying and Adolescent Suicide will always be an daily piece of The Kindness Bus Tour for its remaining six years so I need to be kind to them. Unfortunately, The Kindness Bus is liking the hills much less and there are mountains ahead.

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