Stay on Top of the Wave of Depression

April 2nd, 2013

4-2-13Pat Lyden, Executive Director of the Suicide Prevention Alliance, (SPEA) says the common thread for most, if not all suicides is depression. Her organization is the “gold standard” in educating kids about what to do when depression strikes or thoughts of suicide take hold. Everyone should visit the SPEA website to know how to help someone in need.
Equally important is to know the phone number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 800-273-8255
If you are hurting, know that that you are loved. Hang on to life with all your might, a much better life will come to you. Be a hero to yourself !! Also know that you are SO important to someone.That someone is quite possibly someone you have yet to meet. Know that life always gets better…it does. An assumed insurmountable current issue you may be having a problem with can be overcome with time. It always does. Please hold on and get beyond the bottom of the wave…the top of the wave is coming for you, to ride the rest of your life.
Today’s ride in Carlsbad and Oceanside was perfect in so many ways. This California coast is such a beautiful place, second only to its residents.
The surf shop in today’s photo, on the California coast in Carlsbad, is owned by a woman named Sandra D…honest!

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