Ventura to Santa Barbara

April 9th, 2013

4-9-13Waking this morning to find Bogart sicker than a dog, (pardon the pun) put my plans for the day into a tailspin. Searching the web to find a veterinarian  in the area, luck shined down on us with the first search. How can you go wrong with a name like St. Francis Pet Clinic. The moment we walked in the door, Bogart’s conditions improved. He was back to 100% by mid-afternoon. It was a huge relief knowing his condition wasn’t serious. We both took it easy the rest of the day, mostly walking and resting, giving me some much needed writing time. I have been working on several of the Bogart books over the past couple of weeks. Today’s visit to the vet gave me another idea for one of the new titles.
A big thank you to Ray who took the time to meet with me to learn about One Million Acts Of Kindness.

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