Around the World in One Thousand Eighty Days

May 2nd, 2013

5-2-13In a couple of weeks, it will be two years since I started riding The Kindness Bicycle to address issues kids have to face at far too young an age.
The first ride was a total of 7,400 miles to raise awareness about Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse. The second ride was a total of 4,400 miles for Heroes: Wounded Warriors and Police & Firefighters killed in the line of duty. This current ride to stop Bullying and Adolescent Suicide, I have  logged nearly 5,500 miles. I have now ridden over 17,000 miles for kids. My eyes are now on the circumference of the earth at the equator, about 25,000 miles.
Riding around the globe for kids. It probably will take one thousand eighty days. I’m in no hurry, I’ve got nothing but time when it comes to kids.

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