Here’s to Thanksgiving in May

May 10th, 2013

5-10-13Cooking and eating while living on the road can be challenging when you have no refrigeration or running water. Having a one burner camping stove forces one to be creative in simple ways. It also creates an opportunity to eat fresh, raw foods which have become the biggest part of my diet…which is a good thing.
Having an opportunity to use a full kitchen comes my way every so often and I “seized the day” recently, by cooking up a feast for San Francisco friends, Rob and Sharon.
To me, the most comforting of comfort food is a Thanksgiving meal with all the fixins’. Cooking everything from scratch can be very therapeutic and the best thing is, is that it takes the better part of the day. There was no better way to give my knees a rest for the day and to bring comfort to me, inside and out, by cooking up some comfort food for friends.
Here’s to being thankful, every day of the year.

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