Novato, California

May 13th, 2013

5-13-13I spent most of the day in this town to the interest of many as I rode the busier streets on my way to local schools. The outdoor lunch crowds were very supportive of my mission, which inspires me all the more.
On my travels from town to town, not wanting to overburden The Kindness Bus, I am being very selective with choosing routes I take and towns I visit. I am avoiding long grades at all costs, pampering this tired, old bus in its last bit of service. The thought is always on my mind as I go up a grade, is this the last hill it will climb?
I talked with Monica, a school crossing guard at one of the schools I visited today, she is popular with all of the students. She says it hurts her to see and hear all of the children who are being hurt by bullying that takes place in schools today. “It just needs to stop,” she says.
Thank you to Pauline who remembered The Kindness Bus from South Beach last winter, she was so happy to see it in Sausalito, that she brought over a homemade green juice smoothie. It gave me energy for the entire day

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