The Respect Institute

May 19th, 2013
5-19-13Michael MacNeill, Vice Chairman of The Respect Institute, spoke proudly as he told me of the work being done by this organization.                               Their mission is to make respect the status quo, giving youth and their influencers the tools to redefine respect and build self-respect so they can break cycles of disrespect and thrive.
The Respect Institute website: details the values to which they are committed.
  • Practicing respectful and nonviolent communication, integrity and accountability. Being mindful of our impact and intentions as leaders, giving and receiving honest feedback, and staying true to our organizational outcomes in all our activities. We believe: How we get there matters. Developing self-respect and mutual respect skills for all individuals to foster their ability to thrive.
  • Self-respecting individuals’ powerful ability to create more respectful relationships, homes, schools, communities and workplaces.
  • Creating social change through partnerships with allies in communities nationwide.
  • Including diverse voices, expertise and experiences in our work—all change is created through relationship.
  • Walking our talk by constantly practicing The Respect Basics to improve our self-respect, relationships, self-efficacy, community and future, and supporting the self-care of those who work with us.
  • Using resources thoughtfully to make the most wide-reaching, sustainable impact possible on the people and organizations we serve.
  • Continuously learning and evaluating our work and behaviors to create an effective and nimble organization that makes a meaningful and measurable positive impact on the people and communities we serve.

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