Yes…… Gossip is Bullying

May 9th, 2013

5-9-13When I drive The Kindness Bus or ride The Kindness Bicycle I get my fair share of looks and sometimes hushed comments. Most, if not all of the audible  comments are positive. Very few audible comments are directed at me in a negative tone. Every now and then I will overhear a hushed comment that is made in conversation amongst passersby that is negative and I feel like addressing it, so it is a learning experience for all parties involved.
A couple of months back, I was in a hurry first thing in the morning. I needed to be on my way and out the door but needed to be clean shaven. I was spotted by a two couples about my age while I was using a pink Lady Bic razor while I rode. Now I agree it was probably quite a sight for them…but they were reading the “Overcome bullying with kindness” sign on my bicycle and still felt the need to make a hushed comment.
“Did you just bully me?” was my comment as I rode up to them. After a fun conversation, we were all in agreement that using negative, hurtful words is bullying.
The thought was, a child in school who does many good things, day in and day out for years, does one embarrassing act and because of the Internet and before you know it is the butt of the joke for the entire community.
Yes…gossip is bullying…and it is easily spread.

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