A Private School in Sheep’s Clothing

June 13th, 2013
There is a private school in the hills north of San Francisco that has done the incomprehensible.
I thought I hadn’t heard what a mom of one of the students told me, correctly. Possibly, because I didn’t want to believe what I heard. Here are the key allegations.
1.) Her son has been bullied by another boy at his school. (OK got that.)
2.) Her son is also being cyber-bullied by that same boy. (There’s a pattern here.)
3.) Her son has been physically hurt by that same boy. (Now we’re talking crime)
4.) The school has been made aware of the incidents. (You’ve done just what you should have, mom.)
Here is where the story takes a despicable turn. The part I didn’t want to hear.
The parents of the bully, soon thereafter, wrote a sizable check to the school, a very nice, sports car sized, check to the school….to which the school said….yes….thank you!….what bullying?….we didn’t see any bullying!
Oh yeah…and the parents have done the incomprehensible as well.

What was learned here?
1.) Nothing by the bullying son, unless you want to count paying your way out of a lesson.
These two poor examples of parents  should take whatever monies they may have, and send all of their offspring to a boarding school in a faraway land and have the least amount of contact with them for their own good.

2.) The boy who was bullied will hopefully learn a long term positive lesson that he can use for the greater good for the rest of his life.
3.) The private school in sheep’s clothing will be hearing from the California Department of Education in the very near future.

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