Blackie’s Pasture, Tiburon, California

June 22nd, 2013

6-22-13I rode past this open meadow on The Kindness Bicycle a few times before I realized its history. Blackie who at the age of 12 when he came to Tiburon became a fixture in this pasture, standing in nearly the same spot for the next 28 years. Blackie, with his big swayback, became a favorite of all the locals who would stop by to feed and pet him.
Sara, from a nearby town stopped by at Blackie’s Pasture to talk with me about the healing power of kindness. She works with people who are having challenges with life to help them find peace. She told me that she knows over 30 people who have taken their lives and that having kindness in their lives could have quite possibly have been a deterrent.

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