Summer of the Volunteer: Your Children

June 4th, 2013

Tens of millions of kids across the country have a summer to celebrate being out of school in the very near future. What a great opportunity to play, travel or just relax. Three months of paradise for a child! Oftentimes, after a week or two of summer, children will be looking for structure to their daily routine.
There are opportunities for children, to round out their celebration of summer: volunteering.
Many of these opportunities can be great fun for your child, all of them are rewarding.
It’s up to you to inspire your children to spend part or all of their summer involving themselves in helping others. Make it fun! Help them find their passion at a young age. Have them get their friends involved or have parents of friends or classmates of your child help you to put together a team of kids. Great good will come to the child who pours his or her heart into a charity. This sort of activity will have long term benefit to every child who gives of them self. It is up to you to further inspire your child in creative ways, one of the best ways is to volunteer. It is also a great way for you to take stock of your own life and volunteer on your own or alongside your child. There is no greater role model for a child to witness, then a parent doing such beautiful service for others.
Check out for volunteer opportunities in your area.

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