Taking His Phone Out for Breakfast

August 10th, 2013

8-10-13Most of us are easily distracted by the use of electronic devices. When parents are with their children, phones should only be used when it is only absolutely necessary. Studies have been done as to the psychological effects on children, the findings don’t bode well for kids. Children realize, even as infants, that parents aren’t paying attention and social skills in the children are diminished. It is so important to stay connected with your children every step of their journey. Kids, with all of the pressures of living life, can get in a downward spiral in a big hurry. Bullying can lead to suicide in a matter of days.
A few months back I walked behind a family, I only wished I had taken a photo. The mom was holding her daughter’s hand while texting with her free hand. The father was texting while pushing their younger child in a stroller. This disconnection went on for the better part of two blocks. You hope it was a one time thing.
In today’s photo, I witnessed the son trying to get the attention of his dad for at least ten minutes, each attempt was shrugged off. The son finally got some attention when it was time to finish up and leave.
Dad thought he was taking his son out for breakfast, but in reality, he was taking his phone out for breakfast.

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