Troop by Troop Grass Roots Effort

March 1st, 2014


Girl Scout troops across the country are loving our fun patches for their uniforms.
If you are part of a Girl Scout troop, please contact me about earning a One Million Acts of Kindness patch.
On the One Million Acts of Kindness website is a box that says Kindness Certificate, any Girl Scout who agrees to have a mindset of kindness as a goal in her life, then prints one of the certificates with her name on it, frames it and hangs it on her wall in her bedroom gets a patch. The certificate is free. We do ask that a parent make a donation of any amount to cover the cost of the patch and mailing.
We ask that the other girls and troop leaders are made aware of this program so they would choose to do the same. We are trying to grow this grassroots effort across the country.
Thank you for your continued interest.
Kindness always,
Bob Votruba and Bogart too!!

P.S. We hope that the girl moves this certificate with her as she moves from home to home throughout her lifetime, serving as a reminder that she has embraced kindness as a core value in her life, bringing only goodness to others as she travels her beautiful journey in life.
This is our wish for all the children of the world, your daughter included.

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