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Going Underground

Monday, June 9th, 2014


Safety is my utmost consideration as I travel through London. Almost daily I will take the Tube, which is the underground/above ground train, into central London. The conductors and ticket takers love the kindness being spread as I make my way on the Kindness Bicycle from station to station.


Sunday, June 8th, 2014


I watched as she walked toward the Kindness Bicycle, stopping dead in her tracks, as the sign on the rear caught her eye. She stood for a minute or more, letting the words “Show respect all the time” take hold, snapping a few photos as a reminder. She briefly glanced at the other signs, but this one held some special meaning to her.
I watched her walk off, without having any interaction, letting her reflect on her individual interpretation, praying that a bit of consolation and/or inspiration was found in those few words.

Wheels Across Europe

Saturday, June 7th, 2014


I met Jonny Stockwell in London while he was having a farewell tea with his mother, he was about to head out of London on a ride that may take him into China. We, of course, had to share the stories on our rides. He is riding to help women in Afghanistan. He is loaded down a bit more than I, needing to camp out overnight on occasion as his wheels roll across Europe.

There is loads of interest in London as I navigate the crowded streets…even the lorry driver is cheering us on!!

Ealing Abbey

Friday, June 6th, 2014


Saint Benedict’s Abbey in Ealing, England is generously offering me lodging at their guesthouse on an availability basis. This is a huge help during this 63 day stay in London. There are many nights that the guesthouse is full and I will not be able to stay, but Father Anthony, who is in charge of hospitality, is working his magic to make things work when he can.
This beautiful place of faith and solitude are just what I need, allowing me the opportunity to reflect on the day.

Signs of the Thames

Thursday, June 5th, 2014
Today I changed the front sign on the Kindness Bicycle to read: “Riding 26,000 miles for children,” and the one of the side signs to read: “Offer compassion to all children.” The people came out of the woodwork today. A few groups clapped …horns honked…people were giving me thumbs up before I did to them… I was invited into pubs for a pint…dozens of people posed with me…hundreds of conversations…huge huge huge day!!!

A Couple of Fifty Nine Year Old Kids

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014
I met Michael Thorpe in front of Buckingham Palace. This jolly man, my age, approached me with a friendly inquisitive smile. He embodies everything British…everything good. Just seeing him makes you want to smile. A great conversation ensued about all the goodness of kindness, compassion respect and gratitude…both of us sharing boyhood stories with plenty of grins. We talked of what I do and when asked of him he said “I worked for years, for the wonderful woman inside.” A great man with a great job for a great woman. Just meeting Michael, made today a great one for me.

Whoops !! Thumbs Up from Now On !!

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014


In looking on Wikipedia this morning for Churchill’s famous hand “V for victory” salute. I now realize that the “V” hand sign is insulting to many Brits…my apologies.
My hand sign is only one of peace in the US and my wish for the UK and the world.
I will now however, only give the “thumbs-up” sign from now on. Maybe I should check Wikipedia on that as well.