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Speeches and Presentations for All Age Groups.

Puppet Shows;   Three creative shows to gently teach the very youngest of our community, the importance of values.

Be a Help;   Five to nine years of age. The importance of doing for others.

The Power of You;   Five to nine years of age. You’ll be amazed at what you can do in your lifetime.

Where Have All My Role Models Gone?   Ten to eighteen years of age. A look at making smart decisions for one’s self.

I’ve Got to Have That It All Started With a Toy With Every Meal;   Ten to eighteen years of age. How to move beyond logos and the belief that I need to have stuff.

I Should do More, I Will Do More;   Colleges.   Inspiration to be who I should be.

Commencement Speeches;   College commencement keynote speaker.

Reaching the Next Level;   Businesses and organizations.

Parenting Again;   Seniors.  You are being increasingly called to fill the role-model void. A humorous and serious look at a growing phenomenon.