Kindness Book

With The Kindness Bus Tour attracting an overwhelming amount of attention worldwide from the general public and media, I’ve decided to write a book about how this grass roots movement got started – from my decision to do it…to selling all of my possessions and buying the old bus…to Bogart, who is the real star and has demanded his own chapter.

Here’s where you come in…I would like a significant portion of the book to include stories from people who have been recipients of, or contributors to, an act of kindness – similar to a “Chicken Soup for the Soul” format.

I’m looking for honest, unique, compelling stories that could inspire people to perform their own acts of kindness.   I’m looking for stories long and short, from people young and old, and from all walks of life. Just like my kindness tour, there are no boundaries!

Think about a jaw-dropping act of kindness someone once did for you that made you a believer, or reaffirmed your faith, in the goodness of people.Or think of something you did for someone that made a huge impression and positive difference in that person’s life. And to make that easier for those of you who may be too humble to want to share something you did for someone, I will tell the stories in the book from my perspective. In other words, I’ll be the narrator so that you don’t have to be shy about sharing what you did for someone.

Please email your stories to Please include your name and phone number so that, if your story is chosen, we can contact you to follow up with any questions.

There is no compensation for sharing your story in this book, but look at your submission as an act of kindness toward those who will read it and be inspired by it!

I’m expecting a lot of submissions, so please get yours in as quickly as possible.

Thank you!