My Mission


We are trying to offer inspiration to those wanting to better themselves by leading a lifetime of constantly spreading kindness to others.

Our goal is to reach out to children, teens, and young adults when their minds are open and their personalities are developing.  We hope to teach them kindness, empathy and a generosity for others.  By living in kindness they will discover the happiness that they can bring to those around them, and ultimately to themselves as well.  It is crucial to recognize the importance of being kind to others; adults and teenagers can set the example for young children to emulate.  Nothing could be more important in the world than this.

If you hear something often enough, you start to believe it.  The world today so often adversely affects children.  Some of them may even start to believe they are part of a deteriorating culture awash with greed, mass consumerism, and low self esteem…..they are not!

We work with educators to create a curriculum for school children K through 12. Educators can then create specific programs for teaching kindness in the classroom with the emphasis on incorporating it into everyday life.

We need to remind the younger generation that they are good and let them know they are part of something new, something bright, something bold… a beginning.  They are the start of a new generation, they need to start believing they are part of THE KINDNESS GENERATION!