An 8 year ride for kids

Put an end to Bullying & Adolescent Suicide

In year 3 of this mission, I introduced a bicycle ride to my travels to raise
awareness about issues kids are having to deal with at far too young an age.
Bullying and Adolescent Suicide are two of these challenging burdens most kids
will unfairly have to overcome throughout the remainder of their lives. At rides
end we will have ridden enough miles to traveled the perimeter of the earth, twice.
My mission on this ride has but one focus: To save kids lives.

Honoring the Children and Teachers

December 14th, 2014

Below are a few words on a flyer I handed out to interested people in my ride to honor those lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
The following paragraph is meant only to inspire you, by no means is it meant to be mean spirited.

Our collective hearts were torn two years ago when we heard of this tragedy. We were all touched to the very core because of the innocence of these first grade children. Many of us wept openly.
We all wish that events like this would never happen.
We all want to see a better world for all children.
It has been 24 months!
What have you done to help children in need?
Please use this call to action as a catalyst in your life to bring comfort to a child who may need the loving kindness you can bring to his or her life.

Upcoming Ride

December 12th, 2014


On Sunday, I will ride for twenty hours and an additional six miles for the twenty children and six adults who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It will be the 2nd anniversary of that tragic day

Sandy Hook Ride

December 6th, 2014


On Sunday, December 14th I will ride twenty-one hours for the twenty children and six adults who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Collier Citizen

December 4th, 2014

Thank you to editor, Jay Schlichter and journalist extraordinaire, Lance Shearer of the Collier Citizen for the front page, above the fold article.

Changing the Signs

December 2nd, 2014


I have changed the signs on the Kindness Bicycle for the next two weeks. I will announce this ride in the next few days.

Giving Thanks

November 30th, 2014
Thank you to all the people who support One Million Acts of Kindness throughout the year. Being able to ride in the nice weather in south Florida enables me to meet and talk with thousands of people throughout the winter…and take in a few “sights.”

Thanksgiving Volunteers

November 28th, 2014


Volunteering is one of the greatest acts of kindness on Thanksgiving. Saint Matthew’s House in Collier County, Florida will serve 1,000 meals today. It would not happen without people who take the time to volunteer..