An 8 year ride for kids

Put an end to Bullying & Adolescent Suicide

In year 3 of this mission, I introduced a bicycle ride to my travels to raise
awareness about issues kids are having to deal with at far too young an age.
Bullying and Adolescent Suicide are two of these challenging burdens most kids
will unfairly have to overcome throughout the remainder of their lives. At rides
end we will have ridden enough miles to traveled the perimeter of the earth, twice.
My mission on this ride has but one focus: To save kids lives.

Chef Piergiorgio

June 25th, 2016


When your child is being bullied or made fun of because of a disability it is so very sad to see and so important that all of us to get involved in righting the situation. Piergiorgio approached me to tell me about his son who is so kind and caring but gets picked on because of his disability. This wonderful father is doing everything to protect his child and let him know that he is right there by his side to offer all the support he will ever need.
Thank you Piergiorgio, what a great father you are.
I invited him to write on the Kindness Bus in Italian, here is the quote:
“Se devi scegliere tra avere ragione o essere gentile, scegli sempre di essere gentile.”

Discover Nature

June 24th, 2016


Discover Nature founder Nicole Inzeorose is a big cheerleader and supporter of One Million Acts of Kindness. She has classes for children and their families in western New Jersey, teaching them about wildlife and nature and of course kindness. For the past several years I have been visiting Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary where her classes are held. We had a great time interacting with the families, each of them choosing a quote and embracing as a family. All of them left with a renewed sense of being kind to animals, environment, and individuals in their communities.
Thank you for the invitation to your wonderful school, Nicole.

Antler Ridge

June 23rd, 2016


For the next couple of days I will be at Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary in New Jersey. Kelly Corless is the founder of this paradise for animals. People from all throughout western New Jersey bring injured and abandoned animals to her for rehabilitation and release back into the wild. Rudy an albino fawn wouldn’t have lasted but a few days in the wild will now become a permanent resident here. I jumped at the chance when Kelly asked if I would like to feed Rudy. I love rooting for the underdog, Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!
The staff and volunteers at Antler Ridge perform hundreds of acts of kindness each and every day.


Sisters of Kindness

June 22nd, 2016


The Sisters of the Humility of Mary invited me to speak with their nuns at their facility in Pennsylvania. My friend, Sister Claire Young has been a nun in this order for nearly 63 years. I met sister six years ago in Vero Beach, Florida, she moved here nearly a year ago and extended an invitation for me to visit. This group of wonderful women are very peaceful and pray for peace and many other needs including the One Million Acts of Kindness mission.
Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart for the kindness bestowed upon me during such a beautiful visit.

Fathers Day

June 20th, 2016


It was great spending time at a family reunion on Father’s Day. About 200 family members, friends and neighbors helped to celebrate this wonderful day of families being together.



June 18th, 2016


Thank you to Father Andrew for inviting me to talk to his congregation at the Byzantine Catholic Cathedral. He talked about the Kindness Bus Tour and everyone was thrilled to spend time talking about how to make this world a kinder place. Bogart once again stole the show.

Moving Day

June 16th, 2016


Congratulations to my daughter Lizzie who is making a big move to Montana. I am thrilled at all of the wonderful possibilities that she has going forward with her life. It was a great morning of connecting with her and helping to load her car for the journey west. One of my favorite memories was having to borrow a ladder and climb in her second-floor window after her keys were inadvertently locked inside. Dad to the rescue. I guess I’ll count that as two acts of kindness.