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I Love a Good Interview

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

9-30-12What an honor it was to be the 1st guest on Monique Coleman’s GimmeMo TV program today. Live with a studio audience Bogart and I were first up to talk on set with Monique about One Million Acts Of Kindness’ mission and the upcoming Ring Our Country with Kindness (R.O.C.K.) ride around the perimeter of the United States.
Monique is a very caring woman, I met along with her husband, Walter, earlier this summer. They spent quite a bit of time talking with me at The Kindness Bus and then researched my history of traveling the country hoping to spread the message of a goal of kindness. I got the news about the interview a couple of weeks ago.
The most powerful question Monique asked was in regards to one of the signs on The Kindness Bicycle, it reads, Someone Needs You, Don’t End   Your Life. I thought of only using only the first three words on the sign initially, but realized it wasn’t impactful enough, for a person who is actually considering suicide. To me, this gives the individual the pause to consider their actions if they were to actually follow through with their devastatingly hurtful plans.

Pinky Promise

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

10-29-12I witnessed a great Kindness Bus moment this evening. A mother and daughter were reading aloud to each other all of the sayings written on its exterior. They were taking turns reading to each other when the came upon one of the sayings that made an impression on both of them. “From this moment forward, may all of your thoughts, words and actions be filled with kindness and love.” They then said something to each other that I didn’t hear but they seemed to agree on and looked at each other, locked pinkies and shook.
I walked up and talked to them after that exchange and found that they challenged each other to immediately start living the lifestyle the statement suggests.
This is what The Kindness Bus is about, inspiring people to reach to the highest level in their life. When members of a family are inspired as a group, it reminds me of one of my favorite sayings written on the other side. “Have your entire family get involved in a lifetime goal of kindness.”

Planning Stages

Friday, September 28th, 2012

9-28-12The planning for the Ring Our Country with Kindness ride is in high gear. I have gone out for a couple of test rides on The Kindness Bicycle and have found that there is a big interest in the issues of Bullying and Adolescent Suicide. I hurried the logistics of this ride to correspond with a weekend art festival in Brooklyn, NY. If the weather is good, there will be upwards to 100,000 visitors. I found a prime parking spot for the opening festivities this evening, and interacted with as many people who passed by. One young woman was very grateful as her sister has recently been hospitalized from bullying. She loved the messages and agreed that they can have a powerful impact on kids in need.
I truly believe that many individuals will have a more positive outlook on life after hearing the message of this ride. It will be the most important and rewarding work which has taken place since The Kindness Bus Tour’s inception.

1000 Blogs!!!

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

The Kindness Bus Tour began nearly 3 1/2 years ago. Today’s blog is the 1,000th article that has been written, it may be the most important one of all. It is short in length and is what I will write on one of the panels of The Kindness Bus, as I ready for the ride raising awareness about Bullying and Adolescent Suicide. It will remain there forever.
“If you are hurting, hang on to your life with all your might…someone will need you in a very big way at some point. You need to be here for them. Be brave and find a way to continue your very important life. You will find incredible love by helping others.”


Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

9-26-12As I visited Firehouses in communities across the United Stated, most every one of them had some form of memorial to honor those who gave their lives on 9/11. Many of the memorials, have as the centerpiece, a piece of steel which was used as the framework in the towers. Some of these massive girders were twisted and bent from the tremendous force placed upon them, serving as a reminder of the devastating loss which took place that day.
In today’s photo, at Engine 50 Ladder 19 Battalion 26, a small flat piece of steel with bent struts from one of the towers was affixed to the front of the Firehouse. The word “remembers” is welded into its rusted surface. A simple bouquet was left attached to honor the memory of those who lost their lives. A very powerful gesture of remembrance.

Updating the Kindness Bus

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012
9-25-12Twenty five days remain until the 9,000 mile, Ring Our Country with Kindness ride begins in New York City. The banner at the top of this website has been updated to reflect the specifics of the upcoming ride. An informational flyer is being created and is almost complete. Tee-shirts that I will wear when I ride were picked up today. The signage for The Kindness Bicycle is made and will be installed this weekend. The Kindness Bus will be adorned with a few new sayings similar to the one in today’s photo. Everything is about “good to go” except that the October 20th date has yet to arrive.
I am excited at the potential of this ride and about interacting with kids about putting an end to bullying and adolescent suicide. Nearly ten years ago I made a promise posthumously to a young man who took his life, that at some point in time I would reach out in a very profound way to kids who are suffering. The clock will begin ticking on that promise twenty five days from now.

My mission on this ride has but one focus: To save kids lives.

City Island, FDNY

Monday, September 24th, 2012

9-24-12Possibly the most laid-back part of New York City, City Island, is just a stones-throw into Eastchester Bay from the Bronx, the borough to which it belongs. I rode The Kindness Bicycle through Pelham Bay Park, one of the most pristine areas of New York City, then across the bridge and onto City Island, with one of the most unbelievable water views across Eastchester Bay.
I visited Engine 70 located on the middle of this island to a big welcome from 3 Firefighters who wondered how I found them. Bernie, Richard and Joe who are a small select group who work this City Island Firehouse, showed me around their “digs” and gave me a history lesson of their house and of the island. These guys were a blast, love visitors and it shows. They service one of the least busiest sections in all of New York City but are focused at a moment’s notice. Thank you guys for going over and above the call of duty and for giving me a tour that was worthy of “Heads of State.”