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Help Us to Help Others

Monday, September 30th, 2013
There are two weeks left to our Fundly fundraiser. Please do what you can to help, by clicking on the link below.
You will be able to watch an incredible video of the travels of The Kindness Bus Tour and to make a much needed donation.
Thank you,
Bob and Bogart too!!

A Letter Meant to Inspire

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

The following was a response to a letter I received. My response was meant to inspire this individual. When we realize someone can benefit from our helping hand, wishing and wanting does much of nothing, it’s in the doing that does.

Yes, I agree! Thank you.
I need to update many parts of my website…I started on this mission 4 1/2 years ago because of the Virginia Tech tragedy 6 1/2 years ago, by visiting college campuses with the hopes I could visit younger classrooms. Within 6 months, I started getting invites. I now visit mostly pre-k through 12th grade.
The total number of schools that have “signed up” to make kindness a goal for the school year is now up to 23 schools which will eventually grow exponentially. It is a big undertaking for a school to incorporate this into their school day. I, as well as you believe all schools should embrace this initiative. Which brings me to the last part, the most important part of my email.
You obviously have a passion for this happening. I’m hoping you can change one word in your email. Change the word “should” to “could.”
You have the power to change kids lives by growing this program into schools. In a little over 4 weeks time, I have signed up these 23 schools. You can do this to!! I have the letter of introduction and a PDF of the flyer I send to schools that I can send to you. It just takes time at a computer. Every school that “signs up,” teaches hundreds of kids important core values they will take into adulthood.
Please take the time to consider this opportunity to volunteer for this initiative. Instead of wishing and wanting to change kids lives…you now have been shown that you have the opportunity of how to “do” something about it.
I’m hoping you do. I certainly could use a hand.
Thank you for your interest.
Bob Votruba, and of course, Bogart too

Two Promotions at Once

Monday, September 16th, 2013
Today marks the end of three continuous weeks of promoting a goal of One Million Acts of Kindness for the school year. Eighteen schools nationwide have signed up to take part in this yearlong event. I have changed the format a bit to allow schools to sign up at any point during the school year. Thank you to everyone who has helped promote this life changing initiative. If you know a school that would like to take part, please have them contact me at
Today starts 28 days of promoting our first fundraising event to raise funds to help support our travels. The link below will take you to our page on the Fundly website. Please take the time to watch an incredible video of our first 4 years on The Kindness Bus Tour…and help us to reach our goal of $11,000 by donating what you can.

Thank you,
Bob and Bogart too!!

9/11 Memorial

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

9-11-13Below is a blog I wrote one year ago during my 4,400 mile bicycle ride for Heroes.
FDNY Commissioner, Salvatore J. Cassano on the right in today’s photo and Chief of Department, Edward Kilduff, sought me out this morning at the 9/11 Memorial to thank me for visiting all 212 Firehouses in the five boroughs of New York City. It was an honor to say the least, being acknowledged by these highest ranking officials.
Dozens of Firefighters from Firehouses I had visited, came by to say hello and thank me once again for honoring the 343 who lost their lives. The 11th annual memorial is way to never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The National Anthem as well as Amazing Grace were sung by a very talented singer. All 343 Firefighter’s names were read along with their rank and a bell tolled after each. Taps were played after a beautiful sermon. Many reflections were shared after the memorial.
I was asked by a reporter as I made my way through the sea of Firefighters in their dress blues, “what good can come from an event like 9/11?” I responded, “to learn love.”

Nearly 10,000 Students

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Fifteen schools have “signed up” to take part in having a goal of One Million Acts of Kindness for the school year. This number will continue to grow throughout the school year. Thank you to everyone who is helping with this initiative.
Below is an email I just received from a mother of one of the students from one of the schools.
Hi Bob,  It’s official!  We’re in!  The school principal, Matthew Housh, and the guidance counselor, John Gudgel, both love the idea.  We’re meeting on Monday to discuss how we will implement the One Million Acts of Kindness project in our school.  I like the idea of creating a wall space where we will make a mosaic of pieces of paper that students will write their acts of kindness on. I have a few other ideas too but we’ll have to meet and work out some details.  Our school address is:
Mills Lawn Elementary School
I’m very excited about this project.  I love to move from anti-bullying to pro-kindness.  Kids understand what a bully is, but need more modeling and practice as to how to be inclusive and kind!

Every Guy Wants a 6 – Pack

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

9-2-13***This is the 2nd of 3 weekly updates. I just finished week #2 of spending every day of the week contacting schools across the country about adopting a goal of kindness for the school year.
There are a couple of six-packs most guys typically wish to have, one has to do with abs of steel and the other quenches one’s thirst.

The six-pack I have recently come to prefer is one that has an impact on other’s lives.Tomorrow I will mail six more Kindness Pledge certificates to schools across the country. This brings to a total of thirteen schools that have “signed up” to take part in performing one million acts of kindness during their respective, upcoming school year.

Today’s photo is of six frames ready to contain a Kindness Pledge for the next six schools that wish to participate in this initiative…there will be many more. It is my personal favorite type of six-pack!
It’s not too late to “sign up” your school.
Please email me for a letter of introduction and a PDF of a flyer for your school.
Best of all it’s free…better yet…it will change kids’ lives.
Thank you,
Bob Votruba