Nearly 10,000 Students

September 9th, 2013

Fifteen schools have “signed up” to take part in having a goal of One Million Acts of Kindness for the school year. This number will continue to grow throughout the school year. Thank you to everyone who is helping with this initiative.
Below is an email I just received from a mother of one of the students from one of the schools.
Hi Bob,  It’s official!  We’re in!  The school principal, Matthew Housh, and the guidance counselor, John Gudgel, both love the idea.  We’re meeting on Monday to discuss how we will implement the One Million Acts of Kindness project in our school.  I like the idea of creating a wall space where we will make a mosaic of pieces of paper that students will write their acts of kindness on. I have a few other ideas too but we’ll have to meet and work out some details.  Our school address is:
Mills Lawn Elementary School
I’m very excited about this project.  I love to move from anti-bullying to pro-kindness.  Kids understand what a bully is, but need more modeling and practice as to how to be inclusive and kind!

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