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Kindness at Case

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

8-31-10Almost a year to the day that I first visited Case Western Reserve University, this year’s visit was twofold, promoting “Cleveland, The City of Kindness” and One Million Acts Of Kindness. Ten or so students remembered my visit from last year and were happy to see me once again. In the short three hour visit, I surveyed more than 300 students. The opinion was nearly unanimous; 285 students loved the idea, 1 was against and 2 said maybe. People of all ages are loving Cleveland being promoted as “The City of Kindness.”  Since the beginning of my campaign 5 days ago, over 2,000 people favor my idea with less than two dozen opposing it.  I never could have guessed how positive the feedback would have been.
A student named Abbott from Wisconsin, loved the fact that Cleveland has such friendly people. Another student told me that she had just read the article about One Million Acts Of Kindness in September’s issue of Cleveland Magazine. Word is starting to spread.

“Just What This City Needs”

Monday, August 30th, 2010

8-30-10The interest in “Cleveland, The City of Kindness” grows with each passing day. I started the day with a quick visit to the historic West Side Market and talked with most of the vendors. Melody, the owner of Mel’s Deli was quick to show her interest because of her caring heart. She puts her heart and soul into her business and her customers.
Arriving downtown, I was able to talk with Teresa from the narcotic/gang impact unit of the Cleveland Police department, she shared many pertinent thoughts about reaching kids at an early age. Amanda, with her dog Oliver, was one of the 500 people I surveyed today. Amanda works for the Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland, she is going to try to arrange a visit by The Kindness Bus Tour to her organization.
The totals are approximately 1,800 agreeing with my mission and 19 not agreeing.  One of my favorite conversations today was with a woman in her 70s who has lived in Cleveland all of her life, she said “This is just what this city needs.”

West Side Market

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

8-28-10Cleveland’s West Side Market was the perfect spot for The Kindness Bus Tour to visit this Saturday. Thousands of locals and visitors were here to do their shopping and I was able to locate myself near the main entrance. People from across northeast Ohio and a few surrounding states came here on this beautiful day. People of all ages, from all walks of life stopped by to learn of my mission. I was able to talk with 500 people today about the “Cleveland, The City of Kindness” campaign. Thus far, in 3 days I have surveyed approximately 1,300 people; 1,250 agree wholeheartedly and 15 don’t agree. People want something better for this city, their city, in very big numbers.

Downtown Cleveland, Ohio

Friday, August 27th, 2010

8-27-10Today I started in earnest on my “Cleveland, The City of Kindness” campaign. One thing became clear instantly; kindness is an easy sell. Everyone wants to live in a city where people respect one another.
I set up on one of the busiest street corners where foot traffic is steady. I found out almost immediately how big the interest is, in this campaign. Nearly everyone was positive about hearing of this newly proposed idea. After an hour or so I headed to the City Hall region, while talking with people on their lunch hour, Jay Westbrook, a Cleveland City Councilman, stopped by, he loved the idea and invited me to talk with council to propose my idea at an upcoming council meeting.
I was now inspired more than I could ever be and worked by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame building and the crowd getting ready to head to the Indians game. I’m thinking that I’m on to something.

The City of Kindness

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

8-26-10Today I did brief visits to a few of Cleveland’s popular spots: Slyman’s (thanks Moe), Public Square,   University Circle, and Little Italy (thanks Presti’s). I received a huge, positive response to my mission. This is great news!!
One great conversation I had was with Molly, a student at Case Western Reserve University.  Her parents are teachers and she was thrilled about the goal of One Million Acts Of Kindness and how they would love to propose it to their schools. Another great day for One Million Acts Of Kindness and Cleveland, “The City of Kindness.”

My Hometown

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

8-25-10My Hometown, Cleveland Ohio, is in my sights for a campaign for kindness. Cleveland, “The City of Kindness,” makes much sense to me as a slogan for this city. Having this city be in transition for a few decades  has not been good for its image; Cleveland seems to have lost its identity. Over the past 14 months I have visited more than 80 cities and towns. One thing has become clear about Cleveland, its image could use some improvement. It’s hard having to defend Cleveland most places I visit, since most people don’t realize what a great place it really is.  I lived in Northeast Ohio for 54 years before I left on The Kindness Bus Tour.  Now that I am back for 3 weeks, I am going to do everything in my power to improve its image.
Cleveland has some of the most caring, philanthropic and considerate residents in the world. They are its greatest asset. I believe the time has come to promote Cleveland as such.

Bogart Book Series

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

8-24-10  R1Bogart is becoming a character in his own book series. How could anyone not want to read about Bogart and all of his travels and adventures?  The first book is nearly written and some preliminary illustrations are being drawn. The many fun stories which happen along our travels will be told to amuse children of all ages. These early reader books will help create a bond between the child and parent, teacher, or caregiver. The first book will introduce Bogart and tell of how he bounced from home to home before he and I found each other.