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Hurricane Nicole !

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

9-30-10I know three Nicoles, none of them have rained down on me like this 4th one which just blew into my life. Overnighting on the far east side of the eastside, and needing to walk 45 minutes west, I found myself ill-prepared for the Noah’s-ark-like conditions which bore down on me the first step out of the lobby. With borrowed umbrella, I rounded the corner of the building unaware of the gust of wind which rendered it useless and leaving it to resemble something out of an Edward Scissorhands movie.

Today we had another Kindness Bus first; while rounding a corner near The Natural History Museum, a mom and her very young daughter stood and blew dozens of kisses to the bus, showering it lots of love. What a very touching moment to see a mom teaching her child the importance of kindness as a core value. Rochia, a very beautiful grandmother was emotional while talking with me about the good that could come to this world through kindness. Her grandchild attends a local school named Holy Name. She is going to talk to the school principal about creating a Kindness Certificate for every student. Rochia made my day. The Kindness Bus Tour continues to pick up steam.

The Extra Seven Miles

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

At times something inside you makes you push just a little harder. Not questioning your instincts, you do what you feel is right at the time. One day last week, I realized that there was no need to be in a hurry, and headed at the time it seemed, seven miles out of the way. I’m betting, a week later, that it was some of the best seven miles The Kindness Bus has traveled. I showed up on the St. Bonaventure campus for a brief, unannounced visit, but seems like we left a long-lasting impression. In one short week, I have been contacted by two alums, wanting to schedule a visit to their various groups. I know that there will be more to come.
Today was a light day of connections with people in and around Central Park. It was more of a “quality not quantity” type of day. The people we did connect with, had such a genuine interest in my mission. Another great day for The Kindness Bus Tour.

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

9-28-10Bands of showers moved through Manhattan like an giant oscillating yard sprinkler on steroids; a half-hour of deluge and a half-hour of conditions as though it could rain again any minute, not very conducive to getting things accomplished outside.
The Kindness Bus had a case of cabin fever after two days of rain, however, we did the best we could today, both inside and out. It actually turned out to be quite a remarkable day, since I was interviewed quite extensively by a freelance journalist for a publication in Sweden. I’ll put up the link when it is published, and it would be a big help if you could speak Swedish. A guidance counselor who I met this past weekend, called to reserve a visit to his school in Harlem this upcoming Friday. It is an honor to speak to kids in school, while having the opportunity to try to inspire the students and educators together.
Most of the day I spent talking with Guidance Counselors at elementary schools about the Kindness Certificate on the homepage of the One Million Acts Of Kindness website. I believe it is a great teaching tool for educators across the nation. Most every counselor was in agreement, many are going to use it in their schools. Please print your personal copy located near the top of the homepage.

I Love It

Monday, September 27th, 2010

9-27-10Talk about starting your day off right!  While waiting to park The Kindness Bus on Central Park West, waiting for the street sweeper to make his bi-weekly sweep that is, a very delighted woman stopped her SUV in the middle of the road to get some photos of The Kindness Bus. “I love it” she proclaimed from her window. By the enthusiasm in her voice and look on her face, it sounds like she is going to tell the world; I hope she does.
Today was a washout. It rained buckets of wetness and then rained some more. Late in the afternoon, a nearby resident, Paige and her mom were outside, praising the writings on The Kindness Bus, while I was inside doing rainy day chores. After the twentieth compliment or so, I just had to go out and meet them. I’m glad I did. Another couple of caring individuals, wanting to help The Kindness Bus Tour in the future.
Today’s photo was taken in Central Park. It is of The Falconer. I try to remember to avoid passing by this sculpture, as it is not one of Bogart’s favorite sights, for obvious reasons.

Standing Room Only!

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

9-26-10Somebody pinch me. Could this be real? People waiting in line to get Kindness Certificates: Standing Room Only. Being back in New York City, I headed directly to Central Park. The weather this first full weekend of fall could not have been any more perfect. Families walking by my location stopped by to talk to me about working on a goal of One Million Acts Of Kindness as a family. Families signing their names on a single certificate, pledging to reach the goal as a family. This is a dream beyond anything I ever thought possible.
Today, there was a very large contingent of people from all parts of Australia in New York. New friends from Down Under, pledging to spread this kindness movement across their continent. Full busloads of students filled the small area of Strawberry Fields, many of them came to talk about their wish for a better way of life through kindness. Shannon, a student from George Mason University heard about our visit and tracked us down. She was so thrilled to be able to pledge to the One Million Acts Of Kindness goal. Another very big weekend of talking to nearly 2,000 people for The Kindness Bus Tour.

Just when I thought the weekend had drawn to close, I met the four nicest students from Seattle. Bogart was a big hit and provided a necessary “fix” to fellow Boston Terrier lovers. Make the new total 2,004 for this very big weekend.

University of Delaware

Friday, September 24th, 2010

9-24-10We arrived on this very friendly campus with a very big boost because of the efforts of many people. Matt Lenno, Assistant Director of Activities and Programs was the contact who arranged for special parking privileges and coordinating the on-campus connections. The Inter-Fraternity Council made any wish list I may have had, happen during today’s visit. Stephen Weick, Austin Siegfried and Kyle Pinder from various fraternities on campus, helped with greeting students as they stopped by to talk with me. It was also nice to see the fraternity brothers stop by The Kindness Bus. These fraternities do lots of volunteering and fund raising for many needy causes. They stepped-up big time for The Kindness Bus Tour.
Today we talked with over 900 students and had nearly 90 students commit to the One Million Acts Of Kindness Pledge. This was one of our biggest days ever in terms of talking with students, and it was far and away the biggest day of students taking The Kindness Pledge. This could not have happened without the help of The Inter-Fraternity Council. Thanks to all of you.
Another big thanks goes out to Devon, who stopped by with two care packages for Bogart and Bob, (there goes Bogart’s diet). It’s generosity like her’s which helps us in a very big way. Thank you Devon!

State of Delaware Health and Social Services

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

9-23-10After eight months of working together for our visit to Wilmington Delaware, the day finally came. Hats off to Clare Garrison, who kept this visit alive and saw it through to realization. The State of Delaware and some of its agencies; The Mental Fitness Coalition, RSVP and Coming of Age Delaware were at The Buena Vista Conference Center to try to help inspire retirees and those about to retire to volunteer for others. I was the keynote speaker at a morning and afternoon event of some of the nicest people you could ever meet; I was “preaching to the choir” so to speak. This very well run event received high praise from all of the attendees. Many of the people went away with a renewed interest for getting involved in the lives of those in need. Deb Vandiver, another big help, arranged for all of my lodging arrangements. Many played a part in planning this event, assuring that it was a great success. Thank you everyone.