I Love It

September 27th, 2010

9-27-10Talk about starting your day off right!  While waiting to park The Kindness Bus on Central Park West, waiting for the street sweeper to make his bi-weekly sweep that is, a very delighted woman stopped her SUV in the middle of the road to get some photos of The Kindness Bus. “I love it” she proclaimed from her window. By the enthusiasm in her voice and look on her face, it sounds like she is going to tell the world; I hope she does.
Today was a washout. It rained buckets of wetness and then rained some more. Late in the afternoon, a nearby resident, Paige and her mom were outside, praising the writings on The Kindness Bus, while I was inside doing rainy day chores. After the twentieth compliment or so, I just had to go out and meet them. I’m glad I did. Another couple of caring individuals, wanting to help The Kindness Bus Tour in the future.
Today’s photo was taken in Central Park. It is of The Falconer. I try to remember to avoid passing by this sculpture, as it is not one of Bogart’s favorite sights, for obvious reasons.

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