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Some Kids Get It

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

7-31-13Parental interaction with their children on a daily basis, gives children the best chance to become the best they can be, to have a solid foundation from which to build and live their lives upon. Teaching children to live their lives as kind, loving individuals even when it flies in the face of adversity is a lesson to be learned by all the children of the world.
I spent a few hours with the children pictured today, they embody the beauty of being kind because of kind parents who live their lives as role models to them. They get it. Unfortunately, many children, because of the parent’s choice of having a lack of time to spend nurturing their children, don’t get it.

Hats Off to Bogart !!

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

7-30-13Bogart can never be given enough recognition for the day-in, day-out due diligence of duty, in every respect, without nary a whine. One day he will be in a classroom of twenty reaching hands of five year olds and the next he will be lending comfort to a wheel chair bound senior. He is rewarded/pampered handsomely at every turn.
In today’s photo, he had just snuck a lick of a friends ice cream cone and was cleaning his chops when the photo was snapped.
We have been going for some great walks/runs everyday helping to keep the two of us in great shape…he more than me.
He is the greatest ice breaking kindness liaison, generating conversations that might possibly not take place without his presence. He is truly a gift to this mission.
Hats off to you boy!!

Fast Forward Four Years

Monday, July 29th, 2013
7-29-13, L7-29-13, R
Nearly four years ago, I visited friends Mimi Burns, her husband Steve Tyler and their three children in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They were early fans to The Kindness Bus Tour and have been following ever since. Their support and connections locally and nationally help me in many ways as I travel the country. I received a call that they were in the San Francisco area and were going to stop by for a visit. It is always nice to see familiar faces. I couldn’t help but take a photograph of their daughter, Mae in the same pose as nearly four years ago.
To learn more of the great music Mimi and Steve make, visit,

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

Calls have begun to schools, announcing the annual goal of each school community performing One Million Acts Of Kindness during the course of the school year. If you have any tie to any school across the country, please contact me regarding this very important annual event for schoolchildren everywhere.

I Matter, You Matter, We Matter

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

7-27-13Friends, Caroline MacNeill Hall and her husband Michael, who I have written about previously, are both doing great things to help individuals better themselves in today’s chaotic world.
Caroline helped to co-write The Bigger Game, a book which I just finished reading. It is a great resource, designed to change, challenge and grow you to become your very best.
I was with them yesterday; becoming further inspired, just seems to happen when I am in their company. It is either the conversation, the energy or both. Their mantra is about all of us being one, so it made sense when they wrote these words on The Kindness Bus: I Matter, You Matter, We Matter.


Friday, July 26th, 2013


The time has come to spread kindness and love throughout the world.

Videos Very Soon

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

7-25-13For want to have just the right impact with videos on YouTube, I postponed the first of 1,000 videos I will make over the next 6 years. The planning is now, almost complete.
One of the sobering statistics about Bullying and Adolescent Suicide is that with all of the programs and energy expended on helping to deter individuals from acting out, the statistics show that the number of instances has continued to increase. It is alarming! It is an epidemic! It needs to end.
Stay tuned for a link to the 1st YouTube video in the very near future.