Hats Off to Bogart !!

July 30th, 2013

7-30-13Bogart can never be given enough recognition for the day-in, day-out due diligence of duty, in every respect, without nary a whine. One day he will be in a classroom of twenty reaching hands of five year olds and the next he will be lending comfort to a wheel chair bound senior. He is rewarded/pampered handsomely at every turn.
In today’s photo, he had just snuck a lick of a friends ice cream cone and was cleaning his chops when the photo was snapped.
We have been going for some great walks/runs everyday helping to keep the two of us in great shape…he more than me.
He is the greatest ice breaking kindness liaison, generating conversations that might possibly not take place without his presence. He is truly a gift to this mission.
Hats off to you boy!!

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