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Neighborhood Party

Monday, February 24th, 2014


Everyone loves a party, Bogart and me included. With Blue Bird almost ready for “prime time,” with it’s freshly painted exterior, I accepted an invitation from Stacey Healy-Dooney to attend this wonderful get together. Nearly a couple dozen children and their parents came by to share in learning of One Million Acts of Kindness.
Bogart was in his glory, playing with all of the children and even taking time to help put his paw prints on the “Rescue Dog on Board” window.
Thank you to everyone for making this day a great success.

A Huge Helping Hand

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014


One Million Acts of Kindness has many supporters and followers across the world. Many of them help in one way or another to lend a hand. All of them offer words of encouragement.
One of my biggest supporters is Laura Pacter of Naples, Florida. She has been a major force in promoting my mission in southwest Florida, even convincing the Collier County Commissioners to proclaim January 14th as Kindness Awareness Day. This is a huge honor to say the least!
Laura even joined me one day to help paint Blue Bird. Thank you Laura, for all of your dedication and hard work.


Wednesday, February 19th, 2014


Reverend Joan Marie Barringer has been a big supporter since the day we met. She is a cheerleader in spreading the word about One Million Acts of Kindness, even featuring my mission on her website. We recently got together in Vero Beach to have her work her MAGIC on the new Blue Bird. She wrote on the Kindness Bus a few years back and I had her write the same on Blue Bird.
Her magic for manifesting is: Meditate, Ask God, Give thanks, Imagine, Celebrate.

Going on Six

Monday, February 17th, 2014


The 5th annual One Million Acts of Kindness Week is in the books and the planning for year six has begun.
Thank you to everyone who helped to make this week a big success once again. Your acts of kindness and community-wide events had a profound impact in so many lives. Know that someone was touched deeply by your kindness…someone who was in need of comfort.
Kindness always…all ways,
Bob Votruba and Bogart too!

Media Kindness

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

One Million Acts of Kindness inspires people to share what they are best at doing.
Project Description:
I am the editor of The Stallion newspaper at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in TIfton, Ga. We will be visiting local high schools that barely have broadcasting/newspaper exposure. We would like to share knowledge of equipment, editorial and editing processes, and expose to students to local opportunities in media. I thought this would be a great little something we could do to bring some positivity to our community.

Kindness is on the Rise as Gas Prices Fall

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

One Million Acts of Kindness Week causes people to act with kind hearts.
Every year since the inception of this wonderful week, Paul Zani brings his group from Consulate Management together to perform beautiful acts of kindness. An example is below:
Norfolk has thrown down the gauntlet. They have gotten a local gas station to reduce gas prices by twenty cents ( for two hours) on Sat…. and members of the Norfolk team will be pumping gas, cleaning windshields and handing out fliers. Great job, and I’m looking forward to hearing what the rest of you are doing for our national “Million Acts of Kindness Week”. Please take pictures, alert your local media, and send your pictures/stories along to our FL website….and to Bob V.

There can be no greater gift than for us to practice special acts of kindness with the various resident populations we serve.
Be creative. Be caring, and never forget that it’s a pleasure to serve.

Spread Some Love Today

Friday, February 14th, 2014


We all know deep in our hearts that we can help to change the world with our actions. We just have to decide to take action!
Pete and Nance from Sausalito are two of my favoritest {sic} people on the face of the earth. Every time I think of them, it makes me smile while I wonder what fun goodness they might be up to.
They venture out in their painted up van and make people smile, with their altruistic beauty, everywhere they go.
You can tell from today’s photo exactly what fun goodness they did this time.
Pete and Nance…you guys rock!!!