Kindness is on the Rise as Gas Prices Fall

February 15th, 2014

One Million Acts of Kindness Week causes people to act with kind hearts.
Every year since the inception of this wonderful week, Paul Zani brings his group from Consulate Management together to perform beautiful acts of kindness. An example is below:
Norfolk has thrown down the gauntlet. They have gotten a local gas station to reduce gas prices by twenty cents ( for two hours) on Sat…. and members of the Norfolk team will be pumping gas, cleaning windshields and handing out fliers. Great job, and I’m looking forward to hearing what the rest of you are doing for our national “Million Acts of Kindness Week”. Please take pictures, alert your local media, and send your pictures/stories along to our FL website….and to Bob V.

There can be no greater gift than for us to practice special acts of kindness with the various resident populations we serve.
Be creative. Be caring, and never forget that it’s a pleasure to serve.

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