Girl with a Shovel

January 11th, 2010

I have a great friend who has the biggest of hearts…she has no money, but the biggest of hearts. My friend works with a girl who has two very young children and a live-in boyfriend. He has been trying to find a job doing anything, but to no avail. He is at the point where, financially, he needs to do something, anything to make money for the family. During the recent series of snowstorms, he decided he would shovel people’s walks and driveways in the neighborhood, to dig them out and help dig himself out. He then realized that the shovel he thought was in the garage wasn’t. My friend got wind of this and decided she would buy him a shovel. I was with her when she went shopping for a shovel. It was a Monday and she wasn’t being paid until Friday. The shovel cost twenty dollars and change. She had twenty-two dollars to her name. How many of us would have spent the last of our money for the benefit of someone else?  I am blessed to have a friend such as her.

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