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One Week Update

Monday, August 26th, 2013

8-26-13There have been some pretty incredible days in the last 4+ years of The Kindness Bus Tour, today might quite possibly have been the pinnacle of achievement thus far.
This past week of only emailing and calling schools across the country has reaped huge rewards. Today’s photo is of certificates I am mailing to 5 more schools. These framed certificates represent thousands of students, educators and parents who embrace kindness in their lives.
I have dedicated these 3 weeks to the promotion of this endeavor, with two weeks left, I know there will be thousands more who will become part of this life changing opportunity.
I do need volunteers who will help not only during the next 2 weeks, but as long as they possibly can by contacting schools, principals and educators.
If you feel you can help or if you wish to sign up your school, please contact me at
Thank you to those who have forwarded this message of kindness to their contacts.
Kindness always…all ways,
Bob Votruba

Three Week Promotion

Monday, August 19th, 2013

For the next 21 days, I will be promoting One Million Acts of Kindness as a goal for the school year to schools across the country. A school with a student body of a few hundred students, all the educators and faculty, along with as many parents as possible can collectively perform One Million Acts of Kindness during the course of the school year.
Please email me at for a copy of the flyer.

Get Up and Over the Hill……All Hills

Sunday, August 18th, 2013
8-18-13Today, my son and I rode twenty miles in memory of a friend of his who took his life at the age of fifteen. We started at a school they both attended and rode out into the countryside and to his former hometown and back to our starting point. On the way back, my brakes started grabbing and my bike is now down to one mid-range gear, making pedaling a chore on the flat, let alone the hills I had to climb. It was on mile fifteen where the longest grade and the biggest challenge presented itself. I had to get off and walk The Kindness Bicycle up and over the hill.
Walking was the only way that was going to work for me.
You have a monumental gift to offer to someone in this world…you have it in you to fight as hard as you can to get over every hill, so you can share your gift to that someone who can only receive it from you and you alone. Do everything in your power to get up and over all the hills in your life any way you know how. Find a way that works for you.

Western Reserve Academy

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

8-17-13Hudson, Ohio, what a nice town to pay a visit to, with The Kindness Bicycle. I have been here earlier this summer when I paid a short visit to northeast Ohio. This friendly town ranks right up there with the best.
Within minutes of jumping on for my ride, Hudson Life Magazine stopped by to get a story and some photos for an upcoming story. I love when this journey unfolds with pure perfection as this.
My visit to Western Reserve Academy, a local private school, was to promote kindness as a goal for the school year.
Melissa Slager, the Admissions Assistant shared my enthusiasm for this endeavor and is helping to get this moved through the right channels.

The Boulder

Friday, August 16th, 2013

8-16-13In the year before leaving my former hometown to begin this incredible adventure, I lived in a house in a bucolic area in northeast Ohio. The beautiful countryside has a moderately traveled road in front of my former residence with joggers and cyclists as well. In the yard was a wonderful granite boulder that I thought would look great out by the road at the entrance to my driveway. Of course, a plaque with some peaceful words would be a nice addition to this serene setting.
I watched with interest nearly 5 years ago, about 15 minutes after affixing the plaque to the boulder as a couple of joggers stopped to read the words:
“From this moment forward may all of your thoughts, words and actions be filled with kindness and love.”
I stopped by to read the words of this simple prayer from my heart, that still remains as my compass as I travel about this country.

A Father’s Pride

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

8-15-13It is a wonderful feeling when you know your grown children believe in you. Sometimes you hear it from them with the spoken word. Oftentimes it is shown in a more subtle way and you have to read between the lines so to speak. Other times it hits you right over the head.
I spent some time with my son, Peter, today. The photo above is a signed pledge to do One Million Acts of Kindness in his lifetime. This is one of those times it hits you right over the head. I am truly proud.

Kindness as a Goal for Schools

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013


The first two Kindness Pledge Certificates, of what I know will be thousands more, are ready to be mailed to schools that have signed up for having a goal of One Million Acts of Kindness for the school year. This free program, just for the asking, is ready to inspire your school community to a higher level of respect and kindness.
Please email me today to sign up.