Get Up and Over the Hill……All Hills

August 18th, 2013
8-18-13Today, my son and I rode twenty miles in memory of a friend of his who took his life at the age of fifteen. We started at a school they both attended and rode out into the countryside and to his former hometown and back to our starting point. On the way back, my brakes started grabbing and my bike is now down to one mid-range gear, making pedaling a chore on the flat, let alone the hills I had to climb. It was on mile fifteen where the longest grade and the biggest challenge presented itself. I had to get off and walk The Kindness Bicycle up and over the hill.
Walking was the only way that was going to work for me.
You have a monumental gift to offer to someone in this world…you have it in you to fight as hard as you can to get over every hill, so you can share your gift to that someone who can only receive it from you and you alone. Do everything in your power to get up and over all the hills in your life any way you know how. Find a way that works for you.

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