The Boulder

August 16th, 2013

8-16-13In the year before leaving my former hometown to begin this incredible adventure, I lived in a house in a bucolic area in northeast Ohio. The beautiful countryside has a moderately traveled road in front of my former residence with joggers and cyclists as well. In the yard was a wonderful granite boulder that I thought would look great out by the road at the entrance to my driveway. Of course, a plaque with some peaceful words would be a nice addition to this serene setting.
I watched with interest nearly 5 years ago, about 15 minutes after affixing the plaque to the boulder as a couple of joggers stopped to read the words:
“From this moment forward may all of your thoughts, words and actions be filled with kindness and love.”
I stopped by to read the words of this simple prayer from my heart, that still remains as my compass as I travel about this country.

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