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Immaculata University and Villa Maria Academy

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

9-22-10Heading five hours south to Wilmington Delaware, didn’t leave much time to spend on these two campuses. Fortunately, the campuses are across the street from each other.  We met the front office at IU and had the total interest of all students we talked with. Bogart was an instant star and lived up to his reputation of being the chair of the squirrel chasing department. We headed across the street to VMA and arrived a few minutes late as the bus loads of students left campus. I was able to leave information with some of the staff.
A start to Autumn was ushered in with temperatures in the 90s. How hot was it? Bogart let these ducks waddle by without even batting an eye.

International Peace Day

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

9-21-10Putting The Gow School in my rear view mirror was a hard thing to do this morning. After breakfast and well wishes from half the student body, we headed south toward St. Bonaventure University. While driving, I decided that from this point forward on our journey, I am going to stop at every school I pass and give them information on One Million Acts Of Kindness. It didn’t take long to see the success of this new addition to my travels; it took exactly 1 school. The very first school I stopped at was an elementary school and they were outside celebrating International Peace Day by doing a Pinwheels for Peace project. They couldn’t believe The Kindness Bus appeared on their campus. We made a great connection not only this school, but four others as well on the way to St. Bonaventure.
Arriving at “Bona’s” we were met by a very personable man named Vito. He took us on a tour and told us of the history of some of the campus landmarks. He took our picture with the bus and told me he was going to work on getting us some press on campus. Thank you, Vito. The women working in the Registrar’s office were equally as nice. They made Bogart feel as if he was the campus mascot. I can see it now, Bogarto Bonaventure.

The Gow School, South Wales, NY

Monday, September 20th, 2010

9-20-10I love The Gow School. This all boys school is doing everything correctly. Students from grades 7-12 attend classes in a learning environment which encourages them to work through their learning disabilities. Kindness, Respect, Honesty and Hard work are the four pillars of this school. These students, from 24 countries and 22 states, embrace all four of these pillars as they believe in them fully. A “World Class” school is really the only way that describes this school correctly.
From the moment I pulled onto this campus, I knew I was somewhere very special. Luke Salerno, my contact person over the past two months, met me as I pulled in and gave me a guided tour, with 5 of his students and Bogart leading the way. What a welcome! It was as if the “Red Carpet” was rolled out as we walked along. Headmaster, Brad Rogers then waved his magic wand and directed that The Kindness Bus be parked at the nexus of the campus, for everyone to see on their way to assembly and lunch. I gave a 45 minute presentation with 10 minutes of Q&A and was met with so much genuine praise following that for a moment, I believed I could run for public office. (just kidding) The well-loved, Headmaster then asked for the keys to The Kindness Bus and took her for a spin across the campus. It is a sight I will soon not forget, nor will the students as he grinned from ear to ear while he gave us a well executed “parade wave.”
The students at this campus were the most polite, well-behaved as I have seen. All of them gentlemen. Some of these young men will take the message of kindness, home to their native countries, all 24 of them.
Thank you to everyone at The Gow School. From the kitchen staff, maintenance, faculty and students, it was, without a doubt, a “World Class” visit.
A big thanks as well, goes out to friends Lynn and Bob for making this visit possible.

A Million Minutes for Peace

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

9-18-10Odyssey Networks is the nation’s largest multi-faith coalition dedicated to promoting peace throughout the world. On September 21st at noon, International Peace Day, A Million Minutes for Peace asks everyone of every faith throughout the world to spend one minute to pray for peace throughout the world. To learn more, visit their website at:
Only have kindness in your heart for everyone. Let this day be a personal beginning for you to become a more caring, tolerant person; it starts with you. Kindness will prevail.
Today’s photo is of Michael, a friend of my son, Peter, who recently wrote on The Kindness Bus, something apropos of this blog;   “Peace is contagious too”
**This post will remain the current post through the 21st of September, in honor of A Million Minutes for Peace.

Gates Mills School and Millridge Elementary

Friday, September 17th, 2010

9-17-10Living in Gates Mills, Ohio for more than 20 years,  it was an honor to be able to visit this elementary school and talk to kids about kindness. Mary Myers, principal (and dog handler) (Bogart), was very complimentary about our visit to her small school. One-hundred twenty very well behaved students loved the puppet show and presentation. Bogart, of course was also a big hit with everyone. Gwen Byrne, one of the teachers and fellow intrepid traveler, gave me her copy of a book, which is a major time-saver for anyone living on the road.
This morning, I started my day at Millridge Elementary, giving three presentations to classes of students who didn’t see us on Wednesday. Lou Kindervater, principal of this wonderful “neighborhood” school, and Anita Davidson, Guidance Counselor, were once again a very big help with my mission and our visit to this school. A big Kindness Bus Tour thank you goes out to Jenifer Wexler who was a big help with Bogart and also provided delectable culinary necessities.

Center School, Mayfield, Ohio

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

9-16Bogart worked his magic yet another day. Two kindness programs at this elementary school were attended by some of the most polite students a school could hope for. Having Bogart be part of my presentation, seems to keep the students sitting still while I tell of his early life and how he is an integral  part of The Kindness Bus Tour.  Cynthia Rowan, who made sure everything was in order, did a great job introducing me to the students for principal, Sonia Brule. The puppet show is getting rave reviews, it even seems that the students in 4th and 5th grade seem to enjoy the show as much as the students in kindergarten. At the end of the presentation, the audience usually visits The Kindness Bus. Students are amazed that I am able to live in 84 sq ft of space with a very active Bogart.
That in itself, I believe, is a lesson as well.

Millridge Elementary, Mayfield, Ohio

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

9-15-10The belief in a great future, lies in the eyes these very young students. Pre-K through 4th grade levels of children sit, watch and listen to my program on kindness, even with Bogart in my lap, the interest level remains, as I talk of role models and heroes. Each of the five programs today, culminated in a puppet show and a visit outdoors to view the bus.
At year’s start Anita Davidson, the school’s Guidance Counselor, had the students involved in a campus-wide kindness campaign. The Kindness Bus Tour’s visit was a nice way to dovetail our work with their program. The staff of dedicated teachers were integrated into today’s program by asking them about the meaning of some of the quotations written on the bus; the kids seemed to like the teachers having to answer questions.
This evening, I was invited to the dedication of the new playground on this campus which was built of donated labor and funds. No better way to teach children about volunteering to accomplish something good; the best kind of role model for children.