Hurricane Nicole !

September 30th, 2010

9-30-10I know three Nicoles, none of them have rained down on me like this 4th one which just blew into my life. Overnighting on the far east side of the eastside, and needing to walk 45 minutes west, I found myself ill-prepared for the Noah’s-ark-like conditions which bore down on me the first step out of the lobby. With borrowed umbrella, I rounded the corner of the building unaware of the gust of wind which rendered it useless and leaving it to resemble something out of an Edward Scissorhands movie.

Today we had another Kindness Bus first; while rounding a corner near The Natural History Museum, a mom and her very young daughter stood and blew dozens of kisses to the bus, showering it lots of love. What a very touching moment to see a mom teaching her child the importance of kindness as a core value. Rochia, a very beautiful grandmother was emotional while talking with me about the good that could come to this world through kindness. Her grandchild attends a local school named Holy Name. She is going to talk to the school principal about creating a Kindness Certificate for every student. Rochia made my day. The Kindness Bus Tour continues to pick up steam.

One Response to “Hurricane Nicole !”

  1. Summer johnston says:

    I took a picture of your bus today and it made me happy all day to pick up my camera and read over the words you’ve written. I wish I had stopped to talk to you (and definitely would have been less shy had I known about Bogart!)…. When I got home, there was talk on the news about two separate suicides by boys who were bullied for their sexuality. It just makes me so sad to think that people could cause others to feel so low that thy feel unable to go on. I really wish everyone could get over their own issues and be kind and accepting if one another. It just doesn’t seem like such a hard thing to do, but I think children and teens need to be taught why kindness matters so they can enjoy it the rest of their lives. So thank you for what you’re doing, and Good Luck!!!