Every Guy Wants a 6 – Pack

September 2nd, 2013

9-2-13***This is the 2nd of 3 weekly updates. I just finished week #2 of spending every day of the week contacting schools across the country about adopting a goal of kindness for the school year.
There are a couple of six-packs most guys typically wish to have, one has to do with abs of steel and the other quenches one’s thirst.

The six-pack I have recently come to prefer is one that has an impact on other’s lives.Tomorrow I will mail six more Kindness Pledge certificates to schools across the country. This brings to a total of thirteen schools that have “signed up” to take part in performing one million acts of kindness during their respective, upcoming school year.

Today’s photo is of six frames ready to contain a Kindness Pledge for the next six schools that wish to participate in this initiative…there will be many more. It is my personal favorite type of six-pack!
It’s not too late to “sign up” your school.
Please email me for a letter of introduction and a PDF of a flyer for your school.
Best of all it’s free…better yet…it will change kids’ lives.
Thank you,
Bob Votruba

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