Planning Stages

September 28th, 2012

9-28-12The planning for the Ring Our Country with Kindness ride is in high gear. I have gone out for a couple of test rides on The Kindness Bicycle and have found that there is a big interest in the issues of Bullying and Adolescent Suicide. I hurried the logistics of this ride to correspond with a weekend art festival in Brooklyn, NY. If the weather is good, there will be upwards to 100,000 visitors. I found a prime parking spot for the opening festivities this evening, and interacted with as many people who passed by. One young woman was very grateful as her sister has recently been hospitalized from bullying. She loved the messages and agreed that they can have a powerful impact on kids in need.
I truly believe that many individuals will have a more positive outlook on life after hearing the message of this ride. It will be the most important and rewarding work which has taken place since The Kindness Bus Tour’s inception.

One Response to “Planning Stages”

  1. Mary Jane Miller says:

    WOW – There used to be an old commercial on TV, “See the USA in your Chevrolet” was the slogan. I can’t imagine how much gas the bus will use. I hope you get a lot of donations for this good work you are doing. I am sending something in. Thanks Bob!!!