Pinky Promise

September 29th, 2012

10-29-12I witnessed a great Kindness Bus moment this evening. A mother and daughter were reading aloud to each other all of the sayings written on its exterior. They were taking turns reading to each other when the came upon one of the sayings that made an impression on both of them. “From this moment forward, may all of your thoughts, words and actions be filled with kindness and love.” They then said something to each other that I didn’t hear but they seemed to agree on and looked at each other, locked pinkies and shook.
I walked up and talked to them after that exchange and found that they challenged each other to immediately start living the lifestyle the statement suggests.
This is what The Kindness Bus is about, inspiring people to reach to the highest level in their life. When members of a family are inspired as a group, it reminds me of one of my favorite sayings written on the other side. “Have your entire family get involved in a lifetime goal of kindness.”

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