Updating the Kindness Bus

September 25th, 2012
9-25-12Twenty five days remain until the 9,000 mile, Ring Our Country with Kindness ride begins in New York City. The banner at the top of this website has been updated to reflect the specifics of the upcoming ride. An informational flyer is being created and is almost complete. Tee-shirts that I will wear when I ride were picked up today. The signage for The Kindness Bicycle is made and will be installed this weekend. The Kindness Bus will be adorned with a few new sayings similar to the one in today’s photo. Everything is about “good to go” except that the October 20th date has yet to arrive.
I am excited at the potential of this ride and about interacting with kids about putting an end to bullying and adolescent suicide. Nearly ten years ago I made a promise posthumously to a young man who took his life, that at some point in time I would reach out in a very profound way to kids who are suffering. The clock will begin ticking on that promise twenty five days from now.

My mission on this ride has but one focus: To save kids lives.

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