Kindness Week

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One Million Acts Of Kindness is a goal for every individual to perform in one’s life. This movement is fast becoming a part of student’s lives throughout this country. At the culmination of the week, each person taking part in the events during the week, will decide if he or she would like to pledge to perform one million acts of kindness in their lives.

This year, curriculum is being created  for every age group.


On February 14th-20th, 2011, the second annual One Million Acts Of Kindness Week will take place. This event will always begin on the second Monday in February and will last for seven days.


Students across the country, with an interest of making their campus and world in which they live a kinder environment, by a constant mind-set of doing and caring for others.


Every campus across the country, helping students become involved with helping others.


The time is long overdue for a genuine kindness movement in this country. This is exactly what this world needs.

I have the fortunate task of starting a One Million Acts Of Kindness Week in our country. After visiting nearly fifty campuses to date and talking to four thousand students on a busy week, we have discovered that nearly every one of us shares in the same thought, that there is a huge void of compassion for fellow man. Most of us subscribe to a vision of a better world. A world where all people work for the common good of the whole. An opportunity to help return this country to the core values of just a couple of generations ago. Where there once was a sense of community among neighbors.

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