With all the knowledge and the abundance of life experiences to share, seniors have so much to offer!

This fast paced world has changed so much and seniors have experienced every minute of it. A lot has changed in the past few generations, seniors are our eyes and ears to all that has taken place. Younger generations stand to benefit if they would take the time to interact with people who hold within them such a wealth of information and history to share. Such knowledge is there for the asking. Many seniors would love to spend time proudly recounting the past yet many are living alone after their children move away and their spouses pass on. We all need to do a better job of protecting such treasures, our seniors.

It’s up to kids to get involved in this much neglected cause. Some of the ways to help are to volunteer at your local nursing home, help a shut-in with routine chores and errands, or to simply strike up a conversation with a senior who is alone out in public. You may just learn and thing or two along the way. Your reward is knowing that you enriched his or her life that day.