Ball State University

November 10th, 2009


I arrived on campus about 8:30  this morning.  This is a busy place, I was on McKinley Street and there were students everywhere, lots of crosswalks.    I drove very slowly, so I got the most visibility that I could with the bus.  I’m sure many hundreds of students saw me.  The problem was, which I didn’t realize at the time, I drove so slowly that a long line of traffic gathered behind me.  When I finally turned at the end of McKinley, they all were happy to get by.  I was pleased that not one of them gave me the single fingered salute as they passed.

At the end of McKinley, I saw the Ball State Campus House with a few parking spaces.  A lady came up to the bus as soon as I pulled in.  She is Valerie Mitchener she was a real expert on the school and the campus, giving me a lot of good advice on who to talk to and where to go.  She referred me to a side street with a busy intersection with a park nearby.  I found the spot and immediately talked to many students.  Almost all of them mentioned that this project is really needed around there.  The timing was good for my visit.

I met Heather Jade, a double major in art and business, and I found her to be a wonderful, giving person.  She decided to make wedding cakes for a living and donate half the profits to local charities.  She sent me to an art building, I didn’t find it but I saw a crowd and decided that it was another good place to stop. It was a good spot, there were students everywhere. I saw a campus policeman keeping an eye on what I was doing.  I went over and introduced myself to let him know all about One Million Acts Of Kindness.  He is Cpl. Dave Starkey, a good guy who I talked to for about 20 minutes.  He again stressed that my visit was good timing, and the campus could use a dose of Kindness. There were many other people who were interested and had great thoughts and comments, I have to start writing names down so I remember them when I write the blog.

Facebook added 149 fans today! I am amazed at the level interest in this project.

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