November 25th, 2009


The reward of traveling with a message of kindness for others is all the people you meet along the journey. We have such a wealth of wonderful people in this country. I talk to hundreds of people every day. I am blessed to have most of them share their most inner thoughts with me. The love of family and friends is one of life’s greatest rewards. One of my most powerful moments on this journey of kindness was meeting a mother, father, and daughter with such immeasurable love in their hearts for each other. In a half hours time, one could have learned lessons of love from this family, some of us will not learn in a lifetime. The power of caring for and looking after those we love cannot be measured. I believe the beautiful woman in this photo said she was a teacher. What perfection. We should all have had her as a teacher. I am thankful for this beautiful family letting me be a part of their lives even if for just a short while. I am forever enriched because of it.

On this Thanksgiving eve, I wish you find the passion of doing only good for others throughout your life.

One Response to “Thankfulness”

  1. Rosie says:

    We send you a big sloppy dog kiss from our family to yours! We love you and thank you for inspiring us to express the wonderful that even the Bible says, “God saw everything that He had made and it was very GOOD”. We need to turn off the ugly ideas, pictures, movies, music, etc, about human beings and see the wonderful, the beautiful, and the heroic…it’s everywhere!!! Your idea is proving that Truth, along with all the firemen, police, business persons, military soldiers, Mothers, Fathers, disaster volunteers, and the list goes on and on without limit….because humans were made for GOOD. God said that, not me!