Ohio University/University of Rio Grande

November 24th, 2009

1124091436(2)It was one of those mornings that you cannot get yourself a cup of coffee fast enough. One foot in front of the other. I was doing computer work, in my own little world, deciding that the itinerary I need to choose should take me south of the Appalachians rather than north. This weather has been too good too long, and Bogart shivers when it’s 70 degrees outside. Just then a booming voice directed my way announced, “I just need to shake your hand”. I looked up to see this smiling man approach me. He and his wife had just read an article in the Athens Messenger about One Million Acts Of Kindness. They had all sort of praise for the Kindness Tour. Yesterday, when I jokingly told Joe Higgins and John Halley that the article needed to be front page and above the fold they must have thought I was serious. The article takes up more than half the entire front page. Thank you guys, for spreading the word to the community.

Deciding to buy a few copies for myself, I headed to the store. Inside, at the checkout, I was in line behind a pre-school teacher named Tammy. She says she teaches peace to her eleven students. What a great lesson to teach kids at an early age. She wouldn’t let me leave without a hug for kindness. I gave her a handful of stickers for her family and a stack of Kindness Rocks stickers for her students. In talking to Tammy, I could sense a true passion for teaching her students. What a great role-model she is.

Rio Grande, Ohio is to politeness what puppies are to happiness; if you have one the other is a given. The moment I pulled into town I met dozens of her residents. Three families as well. No one could get enough of Bogart, The Kindness Bus and the message. All were so respectful and genuinely interested in our well being. Matt Justice, a young father, insisted on buying lunch for the kindness crew. A mother with four of her five children, was so elated. Her children asked such fun questions. A family of six stayed near during most of my stop on the way to the campus. This campus located  a stone’s throw from the Bob Evans Homestead was in Thanksgiving break mode. There were very few students but it was well worth the visit. On the way out of town, the Rio Grande Municipal Building seemed to be calling. I parked the bus, grabbed Bogart, and went inside to find a clerk named Debbie who said she is going to do whatever it takes to spread this message. Yes‼ (Arm pump)

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